About Us

CEO & Founder Ms Fatima Azhar

Jelliocity emphasizes grabbing the viewers' attention at all times. Therefore, our organization tries to create original, engaging, and moving content for the audience. Viewers' mesmerization is our satisfaction, and we continuously focus on creating such astounding content


I’ve developed proficient directing skills over the years and would continue to excel along with my team. Providing quality directing skills and giving future directors to the company through training is my goal.


Meeting the financial needs is a daunting task, especially for a production house, and this responsibility lies on my shoulders. Initiating creative ideas and then financially overcoming the need to deliver them is a real work of art. But, all of it pays when the audience rejoices it.


Along with directing and producing skills, another skill that outshines various others is the talent of my hosting. In show hosting, entertaining the guests on the show and the audience is a key factor. Therefore, my objective is to deliver my hosting with perfection.

Content Creator

Another ability that matches such an industry is content creation. With compelling storytelling, focusing on people’s pain points and then finally putting it all together requires a lot of research, which is in-built in me.


Complete Media Production House

Jelliocity media, a name of quality, is one of Dubai’s most innovative and creative media production houses. With its innovations and creativity in the related field, Jelliocity has pushed the boundaries of success more than any other production house. Jelliocity never ceases to amaze its viewers with its top-notch visualizations and creativeness. With the use of state-of-the-art technology and the assistance of one of the most creative minds in the world, we put on display content of the highest quality. With compelling storylines, top-notch camera work, veteran directory, and unparallel production, Jelliocity proceeds to unimaginable heights in the future.


All Under One Roof

Jelliocity possesses all-around qualities of presenting the content of the highest calibre. 3D animation, frame by frame animation, you name it, motion graphics, live-action, you name it, and we will deliver. Moreover, we make sure to reach the deadlines of our valued clients.


High Tech Equipment

Jelliocity owns the quality equipment present in our production house. The fully equipped production house achieves wonders whenever there is an echo of “sound camera action” in our production house


Quick Response Time

Our valued clients are assured to feel free while giving orders on an urgent basis. Since our in-house collaboration among the team members moves quickly, it requires very little time to complete 24 or 48 hours projects.


My Team

As the famous saying says that “teamwork makes dream works”, the team of Jelliocity has an amazing response rate towards any given project. Our team of professionals is the kingpin of Jelliocity.


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